Peer Group

Peer Groups Provide the Power of the Pack


Maybe the most important aspect of being a member of a peer group is the opportunity to share challenges.

When you are a CRO, you are expected to have the answers…to almost all difficult questions. The most important topic is revenue. CRO’s are measured by their ability to grow profitable revenue in the shortest amount of time.

We start each RoundTable with a discussion of the number 1 challenge for each CRO. The process here is bolstered by the power of the pack. Think of a wolf pack and how they work cooperatively to achieve their goals (hunting, of course, being the prime example). The same principle is in effect in the RoundTable. CRO’s, from different companies, markets, industries, etc., bring the power of their knowledge to help a member achieve a specific goal.

There is power in peer-level wisdom. Imagine having a team of the revenue experts that you can use as your own advisory group. The group usually has someone with experience in the challenges faced by the different members. Experience and expertise are key to any RoundTable meeting. What effect would your very own revenue advisory group have on your company’s performance?

Our New Sponsor-SkillFitness

We are excited to announce that SkillFitness has become a corporate sponsor for CRO Executive RoundTable.  SkillFitness is a mobile, video-based skills mastery platform that transforms how teams perform at a higher level to deliver business outcomes.  The SkillFitness app will also be the host platform for our new CRO Coach program.  All RoundTable members are automatically enrolled in CRO Coach which offers continuous access to all RoundTable revenue topics, tutorials, and videos.

Why Do Executives Join Peer Groups?

Why Join_.png

After 6+ years of interviewing candidates for the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Executive RoundTable, the primary business reason most join is clear – Leaders listen to employees and experts but believe peers.

Leaders know they have to make good decisions for their business to prosper and grow. Most have 3 primary sources of input:

Direct Reports – employees have good tactical knowledge about the business today but typically have limited bandwidth regarding growth possibilities on the horizon.

Outside Experts – experts bring knowledge, but applicability is always a “fear of discovery” concern.

Peers – experience brings the “been there, done that” tribal knowledge of how the real world works…and they don’t work for you or want to sell you anything. That is the core reason why executives value a peer group membership.

CRO Executive RoundTable – we help members take the guesswork out of growth options and revenue strategies.