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Our New Sponsor-SkillFitness

We are excited to announce that SkillFitness has become a corporate sponsor for CRO Executive RoundTable.  SkillFitness is a mobile, video-based skills mastery platform that transforms how teams perform at a higher level to deliver business outcomes.  The SkillFitness app will also be the host platform for our new CRO Coach program.  All RoundTable members are automatically enrolled in CRO Coach which offers continuous access to all RoundTable revenue topics, tutorials, and videos.

CRO Rule #1 - Why Sales Training Doesn't Work

CRO Rule #1
If all four tires on  a car are flat, putting some air in one tire does not remedy the situation.  That is why companies know sales training alone doesn’t work, and it won’t until they implement the three remaining core processes of a closed-loop Revenue System.

I grant you it is a simple analogy, but you see the wisdom in it.  Revenue development has many components of which sales training is a singular piece to a larger puzzle.  Here is a graphic representation of a CRO’s role:

CRO 4 Stages Wheel.png

These are the activities that lead to a closed-loop, Revenue-as-a-System engine that drives department-wide success.  The 5M’s Sales Process is a key component, but it is only 1 “tire” on the car.