The CRO Executive Roundtable began with experience

The Executive Roundtable program was born out of our experience working with multiple revenue and leadership opportunities for growth-oriented companies.

The power of the RoundTable is in the collaborative fusion of:

–Experience-Based Wisdom
–Outside Creativity
–Candid, Supportive Feedback

Our open, casual format is the catalyst for revenue-focused, experiential learning in a risk-free, interactive environment.

Members have a forum for exploring new ideas, getting feedback for pivotal decisions and developing strategies for expanding their businesses. Here Members connect and discuss growth opportunities and challenges with subject matter experts along with non-competing peers.

Our leadership team is comprised of successful business veterans who have all served as CROs over the decades and each one brings a wealth of experience to the RoundTable Members.


Carl Moe
Founder and Managing Director
Minneapolis/St. Paul

Carl is the founder and Managing Director of C.R.O. Success LLC. Carl’s career began in Detroit selling computer-based design and production automation systems to the American-headquartered auto companies for Digital Equipment Corporation. Next were decades of senior executive roles (CEO, President, COO, EVP and CRO) in global, growth organizations.  He has conducted business in 14 countries outside North America, serves on multiple boards and chairs the CRO Executive RoundTable.  He holds both an industrial engineering degree and MBA from the University of Michigan.


Thomas Herman
Managing Director

Thomas is Managing Director of Chicago operations and chairs CRO RoundTable Chicago.  Thomas brings over three decades of Sales, Operations, Executive Management and Ownership to CRO RoundTable.  He has conducted business in more than 15 countries outside of North America with experience at Fortune 100, franchises, startups, emerging business and mid-size businesses that ranged from manufacturing to retail to services to high tech.  Thomas serves on multiple boards, both commercial and not-for-profit.  He holds a B.S. from the University of Minnesota.

If you would like to learn more about the RoundTable, please consider attending one of our Executive Briefings.
The Briefing allows you to learn about the structure, focus and results of being a CRO Executive RoundTable Member.

Leadership.  Strategy.  Execution. 

The leadership road to results is always a successful combination of three components – Leadership, Strategy and Execution – our “CRO Trifecta™.” Why a trifecta? Business results are often like a horse race – you run your business on ever-changing track conditions, your fiscal year is a timed event, and your competition is always on your tail!

The CRO Trifecta™

The CRO Trifecta™

Why culture and strategy matter in the pursuit of Revenue
Many times leadership teams blame their performance shortfalls on execution. Successful executives know that where the problem appears is not always where the problem exists. Our members say it best – “culture eats strategy for lunch every day.” When culture and strategy are not aligned (a core leadership responsibility), execution becomes an intermittent compromise at best…and terminally toxic at worst.


Chief Revenue Officer! B2B Success Model by Carl Moe

This work summarizes our methodology for supporting the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) role in B2B revenue models.

Not every company has a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) position but every company does have a Chief Revenue Officer. It is the perosn whose responsibilities include generating sufficient revenue to fund the business, deliver a profit and grow the company. Aliases include CEO, President, Owner, COO, VP Sales, etc. This book defines the four core processes the Chief Revenue Officer must manage or they will manage the CRO.

Carl Moe shares more about the Book in a 2 minute interview.

Learn more about the CRO Revenue as a System approach to sales. Order your copy today at

Answers to many common questions


What’s a CRO?

The executive responsible for generating revenue to fund the business, deliver a profit and grow the company.

What are the titles in the groups?

Sales Leaders, Revenue and Commercial officers, C-Suite executives focused on Growth.  Titles vary, but they have one thing in common, they are the person who worries about growing the business.  

What size organizations do you work with?

Currently they range from start-ups to $1 billion+ in annual revenue. The one thing they all have in common is that their orders come in one at a time. We work on scalability.

Are you a sales training group?

No, we look at revenue as a system. Too often organizational thinking is disjointed tactics – email blasts, attending trade shows, hire your competition, etc. We know that the real power play is looking at revenue as a system.

What makes you different from other peer groups?

Our group was born out of our CRO Success experience working with multiple revenue and leadership programs for growth-oriented companies. RoundTable discussions are centered on our two models – CRO Trifecta™ of Leadership + Strategy + Execution = Results, and our Revenue as a System model from the book Chief Revenue Officer! by Carl Moe.

Where do you meet each month?

Minneapolis meets once a month for 10 months at the Medina Country Club in Medina, MN (Twin Cities West) and Mendakota Country Club in Mendota Heights, MN (Twin Cities East).

Chicago meets once a month for 10 months at the Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton, IL.

Our members like that we do not require them to host at their facility on a rotating basis. The country clubs provide an enjoyable ambiance for the meetings.

What months don’t you meet and why?

July and December. These are busy months for vacations and holidays so we prefer to keep them open for our members. Our Members use these months to schedule their two Individual Strategy Reviews (business reviews, sales tune-ups, leadership coaching, and market strategy sessions) that are part of the membership package.

What do you get as part of your annual membership?

10 monthly RoundTable meetings and 2 Individual Strategy Reviews.

Can I come to a RoundTable meeting?

Not to the entire meeting. When we have a guest speaker, you are welcome to come listen to the speaker. After that we close the door and go to work. We hold the RoundTable discussions confidentially. The meetings are working meetings that are closed to nonmembers.