Don't just take our word for it

“It’s the only program of its kind that is concentrated on growing revenue for our business every day. The ability to learn and share experiences with other executives has been invaluable. I look forward to every meeting because I know I will learn something that day that will impact my business.”
— Patrick McKeever, Vice President - Durrie Sales Company
“The access to and relationship with other members is a distinct competitive advantage. The personal development I’ve gained with regards to board level communication and interaction is priceless.”
— Chris Olson, Business Development Manager - SantosHuman Inc.
“The CRO Executive RoundTable is a great place to learn modern best practices and to test and refine ideas and strategies. The honest and straightforward feedback from both the visiting experts and the RoundTable members is is a great asset in making and adjusting plans, and it builds confidence for taking next steps.”
— Scot Berkey, Managing Director - Fullpeak, LLC
“RoundTable’s focus on emerging trends, new enabling technology and how our sales process has to evolve is a welcome and valuable discussion for any sales leader. It is extremely valuable for me to hear, share and discuss what other revenue savvy leaders are doing to gain a competitive edge.”
— Mark Galloway, President - OppSource
“Being part of a group of people that does the same thing that I do gave me a tremendous amount of support and the intellectual bandwidth to try new things, to grow in different ways and as a result our business has changed substantively and revenue has grown in just a short amount of time.”
— Trygve Olsen, Director - BizzyWeb LLC
“As leaders, responsible for bringing in revenue, we have a heavy weight on our shoulders. It is far too easy to get tunnel vision and miss opportunities or worse, miss pitfalls. The group I belong to has become a band of brothers/sisters. We share and confide and learn. We cross pollinate ideas from the multiverse of industries each member brings. And at times, I find our monthly sessions a therapeutic respite, reminding me that my struggles are not unique, and there are solutions.”
— Rick Kuntz, CEO - Upstream Technologies Inc.