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The Sales Funnel is Dead!

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The new age of digital disruption is re-engineering the world of sales.

Many companies today are doing “OK” selling more to long established customers where they have inside traction but their new-logo business is best described as underperforming (aka nonexistent). The tough question Chief Revenue Officers address in planning sessions is: Why can we sell to our current base but we can’t grow new base? The real answer is – the game has changed and new rules apply.

Consider the new B2B prospect profile:

►74% of B2B buyers conduct MORE THAN HALF their research on-line before talking to a salesperson (Forrester)

►90% of B2B buyers say they NEVER RESPOND to cold outreach (HBR)

►75% of B2B buyers NOW USE SOCIAL MEDIA to research vendors (IDC)

►74% of buyers choose the sales rep that was FIRST to add value and insight (Corporate Visions)

Now apply this profile to your business. Obviously the first obsolete concept is the dinosaur sales funnel and all associated sales/marketing programs that reference it as a productivity metric. The new revenue models are based on digital merry-go-rounds. Prospects can get on and off anytime (welcome to the 24×7 revenue day) and will leave no tracks indicating they were ever there if your digital platforms lack effective engagement offers and Contact Us is not an effective offer.

At RoundTable, we work on getting the new basics right including:

  • Sales cycle & productivity tracking tools
  • Lead generation & routes (channels) to market
  • Talent profiles for inside/outside sales roles
  • Merry-go-round platforms for creating new logo opportunities

We are experiencing a time of rapid change within the sales paradigm. You, as a CRO, will have to make significant adjustments to continue to stay in a revenue-leading market position.

We can help.